"Dr Elaine’s SoilFoodWeb Approach is the Essence of Soil Regeneration. This 3-step approach can be used to restore soil biology within a few months in most cases."

Step #1
IDENTIFY which groups of microorganisms are lacking in the soil 
Step #2
BOOST their numbers using Biocomplete Compost and Liquids
Step #3
ADOPT natural farming techniques to ensure biology survives

Some farmers have reported very impressive, even ground-breaking results using Dr. Elaine’s Soil Food Web Approach. Here are the kind of benefits you could achieve:

  • Up to 150% increase in crop production
  • Up to 100% reduced chemical inputs 
  • Up to 50% reduction in irrigation needs

Soil Food Web Microbiological Assay Report Includes:

  • Total Bacteria (Incl Actinobacteria)
  • Total Fungi
  • Fungal to Bacterial Ratio
  • Protozoa: Flagellates and Amoeba
  • Nematodes: Bacterial, Fungal, & Predatory.
  • Anaerobic Indicators: Oomycetes, Ciliates, and Root Feeding Nematodes.
  • Extra General Notes


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(Microbes are living and require overnight express shipping with the correct protocol for the most reliable results)

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Disclaimer: Certified Soil Food Web Lab Technicians are not qualified to provide advice on how to remedy any given situation. Their job is only to quantify the organisms in the sample. The Soil Biology Report will provide a comparison between the sample data and the minimum biological requirements for the crop being gown.

Get real time photos of your personal micro-organism friends...

Beneficial Fungus

(Beneficial Fungi)

Beneficial Fungus

(Beneficial Nematode)

Beneficial Fungus